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Self Transformation Course

7 week Self Transformation Course

7 lessons, 7 practices and 7 healing sessions 7 days a week for 7 weeks. 


Come and learn how to heal with us in 7 weeks with our 7 steps to healing. 


This program is designed to teach you how to heal with Reiki. We teach you everything you need to know about your emotional blocks and how to self heal.

What's included:

7 week online course app

- Initiation into Reiki 

- Understanding the concept of self healing

- 12 aspects of life self assessment

- Healing with the 7 step process

- Reiki healing

- Daily meditations

- Healing the chakras

- Processing emotions


Healing is a process and it takes time. Unhealthy habits and coping mechanisms are all ingrained in us over long periods of time and it takes a lot of awareness and practice to un do these. But when you commit to making these healthy changes into your life you will never look back. 


Our 7 week healing program is designed to keep you on track to making these healthy changes into your life. We help bring you awareness and understanding of your emotions in our daily lessons and tools and practices to help you heal these emotions. 


We work with the 7 main chakras focusing on one chakra per week to help you clear, reset and re balance each chakra to help you live with more ease. 


The 7 chakras are energy centres of the body, when these chakras are blocked with stuck energy or unprocessed energy, we tend to feel stuck, lost and confused in our lives and develop unhealthy coping mechanisms to try and over come these feelings. When we focus on clearing these energy blocks (because we all can) we can then let these energies flow again that allows us to move forward, gain clarity and direction again. We take action and feel at flow and ease with life again. 


Each week we also focus on our 7 steps to healing: 


  1. Acknowledgment week

  2. Accountability week

  3. Awareness week

  4. Acceptance week

  5. Authenticity week

  6. Alignment week

  7. Ascension week


These 7 steps will guide you through the healing process of any difficult life situation you are going through. 


If you are feeling lost in life, confused or have emotional pain then this program is for you. We are here for you every step of the way on your healing journey. Spend 7 weeks with us and let us guide you through. 


Your body is so intelligent beyond what we are taught. We are all made to self heal. Our immune systems are so amazing. Our central nervous system drives our life force energy through us to create beyond our wildest dreams. Our body’s do not want to hold on to blocked emotions they actually want you to clear them! Emotions are so intelligent that’s they actually drive you into more of that emotion so you can actually feel and release it! Yet we are so programmed to avoid, neglect or bury our emotions we just spend most of our lives stuck in these painful cycles not knowing what to do or how to navigate through! 


David and I have experienced a life full of these painful cycles and we teach you this through our own experiences. We have learnt the Key to healing and we want to share this knowledge with you! 


Unfortunately this course isn’t for everyone. It is only for those who are wanting serious change in there lives. Those who are ready to commit to change and healing. Those who are ready to face them selves and their emotions. Those who are fed up with those same repeating cycles, those who are done with all the self punishment and those who want to transform themselves for the better. 


This course is designed to help you create a better relationship with yourself. To self reflect on all your wounds and lack of love. To really face those parts you have been ignoring for so long. When you fix you you fix the world around you. When you truly commit to the healing journey you are already so much further then you think. 


We both know and understand the journey takes time. It’s a process. It’s full of ups and downs. But it’s through those low moments you are so close to breakthrough! So don’t give up! Keep going. 


On our program we are here to help keep you accountable, like a pocket health coach every day for 7 weeks! All you need to do is complete the daily lessons, practices and healing sessions for just 20-30 minutes per day! 


All this is accessible though our Home Of Self Transformation app launching May 31st. Daily videos to watch and practices to complete with meditations and Reiki healing exercises to help keep you on track.


You can soon purchase this 7 week Self Transformation program for just £222 for a limited time only! You can also repeat this program any time you wish over the years to help you though any difficult times. 


Please note that all healing is self healing we just give you tools and understanding to help guide you through.

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