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Lauren & David

Our story is one of self discovery and transformation. Our work is in dedication to the knowledge gained through our own transformations and our relationship together. It hasn't always been an easy process and often at times very difficult but the deeper we have gone the more love we have brought into ourselves, our work and the world. 

We have documented our journey through social media. You can find the links below to follow our into union story.

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Our Story

It's been nearly a year together and well, what one hell of a year it's been. But it doesn't start just there, it goes way back and for both of us nearly 5 years since our own transformations begun. For a number of years now we have gone through deep internal processing and self discovery. We learned along time ago that emotions drive our actions and the life we experience. We have both come from not so healthy relationships, both lived lives that haven't always served our highest good. It's safe to say though that we were both seekers, seekers of love, seekers of truth, seekers of wanting to know more. This deep wanting to know more was the catalyst for both our own discoveries of the deeper truths that lay dormant within us all.

At the age of 29 I had a profound experience that shifted my whole reality, in one moment I realised god in an out of body experience, that led me to pursue the art of meditation. I become a teachers, running classes at retreats and even one of the first people to host meditation classes at David Llyods. Lauren on the other hand begun her journey through Reiki where she practiced to become a master teacher and through the learning and attunements she begun to awaken to this deeper truth also. This truth we both refer to is the knowledge of god and the knowledge that we create our own reality.

However, we both had to go through our own healing dealing with all the suppressed emotions that were unconsciously running our lives. As we both begun to process our emotions, actions and life choices we begun to release ourselves from the pain of the past. We begun to acknowledge our inner child, we begun to acknowledge our unmet needs and we begun to heal. 

A year ago we met, 4 days later moved in together, 6 days later we got matching tattoos and on the 7th day we committed to each other. That commitment was one of acceptance, trust, openness and to serve each other. We both laid our pasts down, wiped the slate clean and begun a new life together. We come to find that no matter how much personal work you do relationships are a powerful ground for further healing. We still to this day use our relationship for healing brining us closer together in more love and union. We now run a business together teaching all we know through Reiki, meditation and knowledge that truly changes lives. 

You can follow our personal journey below or by using links above.

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