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we help aspiring healers & coaches
discover their gifts & purpose to  build an impactful service utilising healing practices, coaching skills & embodying transformation. 

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Transformation &Embodiment Coaching Program

Welcome to our one-to-one 7-week transformation coaching program. This programs designed to help you transform any or all areas of your life using our revolutionary 7 Laws of transformation


We coach you through The 7 laws on a journey into self-discovery, deep healing, and transformation, helping unblock energy centers, clear emotional blocks, and Transform your sessions.

With a combined 13 years + of experience and embodiment of this program we now share the tools, knowledge and wisdom over 7 weeks to FAST TRACK your Transformation & share on others.

Are you Healer or a coach looking to deepen your practice?

Want to learn techniques that can not only transform your life but your clients too?

Then this Program is for you!

Are You Ready To

Learn how to

move energy with

Breathwork and Reiki

Learn how embody

and facilitate

the 7 Laws

Get HOST qualified & certified as a Transformation Coach and 7 Law Facilitator in Breathwork & Reiki

Deepen your practice 
& learn new skills

Learn shadow work,

parts work,

integration work, inner child healing & somatic release

Learn everything you need to know to become a qualified & HOST Certified Transformation Coach & 7 Law Facilitator. Learn all the tools required to coach others through the process of self discovery, healing and transformation. You will be required to have a minimum Reiki Level 2 qualification.


*BONUS if you are not yet qualified when you purchase this Training Program we will include our Reiki Level 1 & 2 intensive weekend to qualify you online or in Keston, Kent.

  • Deep and personal insights behind your actions and behaviours

  • How to feel safe in your body and become more present in your life

  • How to truly let go of the past, recognise, and heal the patterns holding you back

  • How to trust and build better relationships

  • How to embody self love and self worth

  • A new way to see yourself with confidence, strength and resilience. 

  • How to regulate your Nervous System

  • How to breakthrough limiting beliefs 

  • How to manifest & break karmic cycles

  • How to align to your purpose & higher Self

  • How to heal your inner child 

  • How to facilitate this healing on others

What will you learn?

Our Purpose & Promise

Empowering Healers & Coaches to break through barriers and limiting beliefs and embody our revolutionary 7 Laws Of Transformation. Coaching that delivers guidance, accountability and lifelong tools and strategies for lasting change. 

Who is this program for?


Those who have been on a healing journey for a while that want to learn the tools to break through their emotional blocks and who are ready to Transform their lives and eventually gift the of healing to others.


Those who are qualified in Reiki or alternative therapy but want to deepen their practice and go deeper with their clients. Remember, you can only go as deep with your clients as deep you have been within yourself. 


The coaches out there that find something is missing in their sessions. We bridge the gap between Coaching and Healing using our revolutionary 7 step process to healing the emotional body.

Here's what you get in our program

  • Weekly 60 - 90 minute sessions

  • Weekly 90 minute group training sessions

  • Weekly check ins & 24/7 WhatsApp support*

  • Weekly tasks, exclusive video content & in-depth coaching

  • Client feedback, assessments & progress reports

  • 7 modules to work through

  • Downloadable PDF Transformation journal & workbook

What are the benefits?

  • Breathwork & Reiki can help increase parasympathetic tone (moving you from 'fight or flight' to 'rest and digest'

  • Help reduce stress, anxiety, grief and anger

  • Increase energy levels and boosts your immune system

  • Improves self-awareness, presence, happiness and joy

  • Improves our connection to ourself increasing our self love and self acceptance 

  • Helps improve quality of sleep 

  • Releases trauma from the body

  • Helps you to explore higher states of consciousness 

Meet Your Coaches

We are the Self Transformation Coaches that are here to facilitate, train and guide you through these 7 weeks of transformation.

What our clients say

Danielle, London

"A massive thank you for not only changing how I feel and my mindset but giving me the knowledge, understanding and my light back."

Charlie, Essex

“When I found Lauren I knew it was right, she had such good energy and was easy to talk to. Her Reiki skills are insane. The shifts I have had are just amazing and life changing.”

Sam, Croydon

“The energy and knowledge these two have is so powerful, I had a deep release in my session and I feel so much lighter and clear on my future! If you are thinking about having a session just book you will not regret it!”

Emma, Tonbridge

“Counselling and CBT allowed me to go back into my past but I was never to taught how to accept it, heal it and release it from my body until meeting Lauren and David.”
Beautiful woman sits in a pose of a half lotus on high place amazing view of the island ou

Cost & Information

  • 7 weekly one-ones zoom calls: (£1,050 Value)

  • Weekly tasks, practices and 14+ video-based lecturing & in depth training.: Learn all the tools and knowledge to become an embodied Transformation Coach. (£3,000 Value)

  • Breathwork & Reiki facilitator: Qualify as a Breakthwork and Reiki facilitator and learn the tools for Somatic release therapy to help transform your clients. (£3,400 Value)

  • Reiki level One & Two courses and qualifications included: If you are not trained in Usui Reiki don't worry we have you covered we are including our Reiki Level One & Two day courses online or in person. So we can get you qualified! (£358 Value)

  • Level Two re-attunements: Maybe you haven't practiced for a while but don't worry we will also give you a Usui Reiki Level Two re-attunement! (£100 Value) 


TOTAL £7908

For a limited time the cost of this 7 Week's program is £2999

Payment plan options available.

One-to-one sessions held online or in person. We always confirm the following session a week in advance. 


Online sessions via Zoom and other options are available. 

All healing is self-healing, it is your responsibility to be committed to the program and put in the action steps.

WhatsApp support is 24/7 with weekly check-ins and all replies within 24hr.


Live one-to-one sessions can be recorded upon request.

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We believe in our program and training so much that we offer a money back guarantee after your first session if you feel like this program isn't for you.

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Are you ready for your transformation?

Whether you are new to healing and self-development or are already on your healing journey this program will create new growth, insights, and transformation.

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