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Are you truly ready to change your life? Are you fed up with not living the life that makes you want to get up in the morning? It's time to stop existing and start living.

The biggest problem is not the unhappiness we feel it's that we have disowned our power to transform how we feel. We have normalised the way we feel, the way we think and the way we act. 

We say things to ourselves like "this is just who I am" when in truth that's just who we have become.

But you haven't come here for that, you came here because something in you desires change. That desire is the burning ember of love and it never goes away because deep in our core is a light waiting to shine in the world.

Thats what you came here for! You came to find your power, you came to find your light and you came to find your brilliance.

You're here for a reason and our community needs you too. We need your voice, your uniqueness and your love. Supporting 

our community helps us invest more into building our Reiki Retreat Centre to help more people heal in our community.

We are building a community not just for personal development but also to benift our loved ones and humanity at large. Never underestimate your importance in the world. 

This is what the home of self transformation is about, transforming how we feel, empowering ourselves through knowledge that enables us to heal and to feel more love. The world needs your gifts and our gift to you is this community. 

Below you can find all of the content sections that we offer to our members. The members area is packed with video content, blog posts, guided meditations, workshops but more importantly we created a forum so everyone can create their own account, have their own voice and connect with like minded people to build new relationships that allow us to thrive.

By joining our community you are the change you wish to see in the world.

Below is all the content you get access to by becoming a member of our community.


Reiki & The Chakras

Access Reiki healing, chakra workshops and meditations to rebalance your energy system and improve your Reiki practice. 

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Whats hot this week

Every week we have a new topic to discuss with access to our blog and our weekly content. The weekly topic is often inspired by the desire of the community.


Mindfulness & Meditation

Access our meditation course, learn to be more mindful, practice present moment awareness and listen to our guided meditations.


Men & Emotions

We understand that men have a harder time processing emotions and feelings so we created a content page that gives guys the opportunity to really understand themselves more deeply.


Wednesday Catch Up

Never miss a zoom session again. If you can't make the live here you can find all our recordings and catch up in your own time.



Get access to our forum, create your own members card and get connected. Ask questions, start topics and find the information you seek and enjoy building relationships with like minded people.

Discounted treatments

As a member you get all our treatments at a discounted price, you also get priority bookings and further discounts when referring a friend to either our community, retreats or treatments.


Discounted Retreats & Events

As a member you get all our courses, retreats and events at a discounted price, you also get priority spaces for up coming retreats and events as well as all our courses. 


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