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Reiki Courses

Want to start your Reiki journey with us?  We host our Reiki days in person in Keston, nearest station is Bromley South our 2023 dates are below:

3rd June - Reiki Level One 

4th June - Reiki Level Two

9th September - Reiki Level One

10th September - Reiki Level Two

7th & 8th October - Reiki Masters

15th October - Reiki Master Teachers

If you are looking for a deeper practice we would recommend joining our 7 week online training program to become a Reiki Therapist & Emotional health coach.

This includes level 1 & 2 Reiki days.

Reiki Level One

Initiation into Reiki

Level One includes:

- Reiki level 1 attunement

- History of reiki

- Hand positions for hands on healing

- Learning how to heal with Reiki

- Learn how to heal others with Reiki

- Chakra workshop

- Reiki Practice


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Level Four

Become a Reiki Master Teacher

Our one day Teachers course includes:

- Learn how to attune others to Reiki

- Reiki level one attunement process

- Reiki level two attunement process

- Reiki Master attunement process

- Self re-attunement process

- Distance attunement process

- Teaching Reiki

- 11 tips for teaching

- Marketing

- Post course support


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Reiki Level Two

Become a Reiki Practitioner

This level is for those that are wanting to become a Reiki practitioner. In order to become a Reiki practitioner you need to complete level 1 and level 2 training.

Level Two includes:

- Level 2 attunement

- Reiki symbols

-Guidelines for setting up a professional practice

- Distance Reiki

- Multiple healing

- Aura cleansing


We also offer level one and level 2 intensive weekend courses.


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Reiki Level Three

Become a Reiki Master

 Our 2 day Masters course in person includes:

- Master attunement

- Reiki Master symbols

- Psychic surgery

- Space clearing

- The multi-dimensional Reiki energy grid

- Quantum healing

- Holistic Healing

- Healing the aura

- Master qualification

- Post course support


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