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Our Reiki therapy sessions are are a combination of coaching, therapy, breathwork and Reiki. People look for Reiki as alternative healing because of difficult life situations or problems. Energy gets stuck in the body from the trauma we have faced, especially from childhood. Below are the symptoms of blocked Chakras.

Do you suffer from any of the following?

Anxiety & Panic attacks

Stress &


Mental &
Emotional health

Body discomfort &

Depression, feeling lost and confused

Reiki is known for its powerful benefits to reduce these symptoms. Our services are all Alternative Healing we help you activate your own self healing powers,  facilitating and guiding you through.

Reiki can help unblock emotions, balance the energy body, reset the central nervous system, boost your immune system, and self-healing. 

We offer two different types of Reiki therapy sessions

Reiki Therapy £90

Integration, shadow & parts work

Our Reiki Therapy sessions are a combination of therapy, meditation & Reiki (moving energy).

This integration work covers inner child healing, healing suppressed emotions to identifying core beliefs and freeing us from our attachment to current and past situations. Helping heal our mental health and building a better relationship with ourselves and others.

We recommend 3 sessions with in 2 weeks for the maximum benefits. We also track and check in with all our clients between sessions.

Somatic Reiki Therapy £150

Our deepest transformative experience

Our Somatic Reiki therapy sessions include a combination of transformational breathwork & Reiki to help you shift your emotional blocks and remove trauma from the body. These sessions can bring up traumas stored in the body in the most powerful transformative way.

The somatic release is when the body penetrates and purges, releasing your energy blocks through tears, shaking, and body tingles. 

We safely guide you through this process.


We recommend these sessions bi-weekly. We give advice and tools to help our clients work through their situations, and also track and check in between sessions.

Book a Reiki Therapy Session

Reiki Therapy 60 minutes

Online or in person.

Somatic Reiki Therapy 90 minutes

Online or in person.

Danielle, London

Reiki Therapy
"A massive thank you for not only changing how I feel and my mindset but giving me the knowledge, understanding and my light back."

Charlie, Essex

Reiki Therapy
“When I found Lauren I knew it was right, she had such good energy and was easy to talk to. Her Reiki skills are insane. The shifts I have had are just amazing and life changing.”

Sam, Croydon

Somatic Reiki Therapy
“The energy and knowledge these two have is so powerful, I had a deep release in my session and I feel so much lighter and clear on my future! If you are thinking about having a session just book you will not regret it!”

Emma, Tonbridge

Somatic Reiki Therapy
“Counselling and CBT allowed me to go back into my past but I was never to taught how to accept it, heal it and release it from my body until meeting Lauren and David.”
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