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The Coaches Journey

Do you have the calling to help and serve others?  If so then The Coaches Journey is your doorway into service. We know the powerful affects healing has on our mental and emotional health and how life changing it is. We also know that those that find healing trigger the healing of others.


Are you ready to heal and step into your mastery?

Step One 
Healing & Embodiment

The Coaches' Journey starts with seven weeks of learning and one-to-ones, where you will discover and work on your own emotional blocks. 


Learn along the way through group training and live group coaching how to embody healing practices like Breathwork, Reiki and Emotional Health Coaching. 

Throughout your one-to-ones, we will use healing practices like shadow work, inner child work, parts work to connect with your emotional body and demonstrate how integration works in your healing. 

Step Two
Develop Your Skills & Practice

After seven weeks of healing you will be then asked to carry out seven weeks of practice sessions with other coaches in the platform to help support not only your growth but also to develop your coaching skills further.


Continue your development by tuning into weekly live group training sessions and start practicing your skills as a coach.


Join our coaches group WhatsApp, organise one-to-ones, practice sessions, energy exchanges and support each other.

Step Three
Become A Certified HOST Coach

Join an expanding business and work within our platform as a HOST coach and help guide others through their own healing journeys or take what you have learned into the world and share your gifts with others. 


Our goal is to create a service that can impact the world and bring healing to the masses. If you feel called to work with us then join not only as a coach but as an affiliate and get paid to work in our programs.

Set up your own Reiki Breathwork retreats and work with your clients within our program.

The Tools & Practices you will learn

  • Reiki Level 1 & 2 

  • Reiki Breathwork 

  • Shadow Work

  • Parts Work & Inner-Child Healing

  • Integration Work

  • The Chakras & Emotional Body

  • Grounding 

  • How To Navigate Healing On Others

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