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Train to become a
Reiki Therapist & Emotional Health Coach 

Are you looking to be qualified in level 1 & 2 Reiki? Or are you already qualified as a Reiki Practitioner and looking to deepen your practice?

Want to learn techniques that can not only transform you but your clients too?

Then this advanced course is for you!

Are You Ready To

Learn how to

move energy

Learn how to facilitate

the 7 steps to

processing emotions

Get HOST Certified
& Reiki level 1 & 2 qualifications


Deepen your practice

Learn shadow work

parts work &

integration work

Then join our advanced 7 week online 
training program

Here you will learn everything you need to know to become a qualified Reiki Therapist & Emotional health coach. Not only will you learn all the tools required for your own transformation but you will also learn how to coach others through the process of healing.

What's included


Our 7 week
Self Transformation Course

Our Self Transformation app is full of weekly lessons, tasks and practices designed to keep you on track daily for your self healing alongside your training. It's built in progress tracker allows you to see your own progress as your training develops over the 7 weeks. We also set you weekly goals with meditation and Reiki practices as well as understand your own healing journey.   

Virtual Team Meeting

Weekly group online training & client 1 to 1s

During the 7 weeks you will join us at the start of every week for a 1hour 30minute zoom call so we can connect with the group, explain the weekly lessons and help with any questions you might have.

Every person that joins the 7 week course gets 1 hour weekly check in via zoom to track their own journey and to answer any personal questions they may have.

Hands Up

Post course support & HOST certification

Once qualified you will be listed on our website as a Reiki Therapist for people to book your sessions locally to you or online. We offer continuous support to all of our Reiki Therapists as we understand the challenges and struggles you may face on this journey.

The tools you will learn
during your training week by week

Knowing how to heal yourself and facilitate others requires tools and knowledge. In this training program you will learn the 7 step process to healing the emotional body, this will enable you to not only work through your own emotional blocks but how to help facilitate that process for others. 

Week one



The 7 step process

Learn about the 7 steps. This is the core of our business and this process has helped hundreds of our clients process & release their emotions.

Week four

PALACE LEE-51_edited.jpg



Breath work &


Learn how to use breath work for moving energy, grounding the body and meditation techniques.

Week two



Identifying core beliefs & inner child healing

Learn how to help people identify the roots of there problems and how to discover core beliefs. Learn how to do inner child healing.

Week five



Emotional Release Therapy 

Learn how to feel into suppressed and blocked emotions for release and healing.

Week three




Parts work & Shadow work

Understand what shadow work is and how to perform parts work on clients.

Week six

IMG_8166 2.jpg



Moving energy through the 7 step process

Learn how to move energy through the body using the 7 step process.

Week seven

IMG_8166 2.jpg



Marketing, social media &

final assessment

Learn tips for marketing your business & social media. Then on your last 1-1 session we will go through all the practices learnt and you get to put them in practise through a guided session with a person of your choice.

All Of This

7 Week training programme includes

  • 7 Week Self Transformation App

  • Weekly group zoom classes (90 min)

  • Weekly 1-1 private zoom sessions (60 min)

  • Qualification as a Reiki Therapist & Emotional health coach

  • Online Reiki level 1 & 2 qualifications (in person optional)

How we support you
  • Access to What's App group

  • Client feedback & tracking progress

  • Post course support

  • HOST platform for your services

  • Supporting you to get to your Masters qualification 

Tools learned during your training
  • The 7 steps to processing emotions

  • Identifying core beliefs 

  • Inner child healing

  • Parts work

  • Shadow work 

  • Breath Work

  • Grounding techniques 

  • Emotional release therapy

  • Moving energy

  • How to facilitate healing through the 7 steps

Get qualified & start helping others 

  • Reiki Therapist & Emotional health coach qualification

  • Develop your skills as a Reiki Practitioner into Reiki Therapy 

  • Make a living doing what you love

  • Pass on the gift of healing


Full price £1111

Book your space now for just £111 deposit

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