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Price Plans & Packages

"Healing Made Accessible"

We understand how powerful healing is and how life-changing it becomes. Everything we could ever dream of is on the other side of our emotions. We wanted to build a platform to help and reach EVEN more people. Below is the list of packages we provide within our Healers Embodiment Program.

Self Transformation Package

"Discover Who You Are By Awakening To All Of Yourself"

Embrace Your Healing Journey

  • Seven One-Ones Over Seven Weeks

  • Bi-weekly Group Healing sessions with Lauren & David on a Tuesday Evening

  • Weekly Assessments & Task Folders

  • Whatsapp Support Group

  • Online Course Content & Healing Practices

One-One sessions delivered by:

Lauren & David £1997

Combination (HOST Coach & Lauren/David) £1299

A selected HOST coach £999

Couples Get Reduced Price (Message For More details)


Payment Plans Available 


Full Coaches Package

"Step Into Your Purpose & Service"

Heal & Help Support Others Heal

  • Seven One-Ones Over Seven Weeks

  • Tuesday Evening Group Healing & Training Sessions with Lauren & David

  • Assessment Folders

  • Whatsapp Support Group

  • Bi-weekly Seven Weeks Training Continuation

  • Become Certified As A HOST Coach

  • Work Within Our Platform  

  • Online Course Support & Much More

Work With Lauren & David To Become A HOST Coach £2,499

Payment Plans Available 


Join Our Community 

"Open Your Mind & Expand your Awareness"

Learn, Grow & Connect  

  • Weekly Live Healing Sessions on a Tuesday Evening

  • Whatsapp Support Group

  • Access To Meditations & Reiki Healing Practices

  • Access To Videos & EI Content

  • Connect With Our Coaches

  • Discounted Event Prices

  • The Perfect Way To Explore Healing 

£33 Per Month 

Minimum 3 Months

Hands Up

Continuation Packages For Our Clients

"Healing Happens In Layers"

Support After The Program

Continue your growth and healing after with our support and continuation packages with Lauren & David. 

4x One-One Sessions £600

7x One-One Sessions £999


4x One-One Sessions with a HOST Coach From £333 

Only for those that have been on The Healers Embodiment Program.

If you wish to bulk buy sessions please contact us.


We Have A Package That Can Meet Your Needs

"Contact Us Below And Start Your Transformation Today"

Beautiful woman sits in a pose of a half lotus on high place amazing view of the island ou

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It's time to start attracting everything your heart desires. The door to transformation is a phone call away.

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