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Week 2 Accountability
Sacral Chakra 

Welcome to Week 2: Accountability. During this week, our focus will be on understanding and addressing our emotions, engaging in inner child work, and integrating these aspects.

Throughout this week, we will delve into our relationships with our parents, ourselves, and others. Additionally, we will work on healing the Sacral Chakra, which plays a crucial role in our ability to experience joy and creativity. This chakra is often blocked by feelings of guilt.

Sacral Chakra

Step 1
The Law Of Accountability
Sacral Chakra

Step 2
The Sacral Chakra 
Self Assessment 

Please click the link below and fill out this week's self-assessment. Ensure you keep up to date with these workbooks because they will help create insight and understanding. 

Step 3
Group Coaching Session 

This week's live group healing session is focused on Accountability and inner child healing.  It will take place over Zoom.


 Tuesday at 7.30 pm GMT

Step 4
Book your one-to-one

Please use the booking system below to book your weekly one-to-one. All one-to-one's are carried out on either Wednesday or Thursday. Should you require your session outside of these days, please contact us.

One-To-One Sessions in program ONLY

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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Step 5
 Inner-child healing

Understanding & Practice

Complete video above and take notes from what you have learned

Inner childLauren
00:00 / 10:58

Complete the guided session above on healing the inner child. Make sure to use head phones and to be in a comfortable position.

Step 6
Healing in relationships

Complete video above and take notes from what you have learned

Step 7
Guided Meditation
& reflection

00:00 / 20:06

Complete the meditation above and journal your reflections at the end. Repeat as many times as you wish this week!

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