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Heart Chakra

Welcome to Week 4, marking our journey's halfway point in the program. This week is dedicated to the Heart Chakra, which bridges the higher and lower realms, bridging the physical and non-physical dimensions. It's the key to opening our hearts to unconditional love, but often it's hindered by grief.

This week, we will focus on accepting our past, integrating the lessons we've discovered about ourselves, and embarking on self-acceptance and forgiveness. This is a significant step in our transformation journey, and we're excited to explore it together.


Step 1
The Law Of Acceptance

Heart Chakra

Step 2
The Heart Chakra
Self Assessment 

Please click the link below and fill out this week's self-assessment. Ensure you keep up to date with these workbooks because they will help create insight and understanding. 

Step 3
Group Healing Session

This week's live group healing session will be over Zoom on Tuesday at 7.30 pm.


This includes: 

- Reiki Breathwork

- Somatic release

- Live Coaching

Step 4
Book your one-to-one

Please use the booking system below to book your weekly one-on-one. All one-on-ones are carried out on Wednesday or Thursday. Should you require your session outside of these days, please message us.

One-To-One Sessions in program ONLY

Check out our availability and book the date and time that works for you

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Step 5 
How to ACCEPT, GRIEF & TRUST ourselves
& others

Complete the video above and take notes on what you have learned.

Step 6
Heart Chakra Reiki Meditation

Complete this Reiki Healing practice with headphones.

Step 7
Breathwork Meditation

00:00 / 18:32

Complete the exercise practice

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