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The 7 Laws
Of Self Transformation

Welcome to The Home Of Self Transformation

"Transforming our lives through the power of Self Discovery, Reiki & Emotional Healing"

Here at the home of self transformation we help you delve deep into self discovery to become more self aware, teach you the tools for self healing and how to build a better relationship with yourself.

We have designed and created a revolutionary 7 step process called "The 7 Laws Of Self Transformation" which helps unblock the energy centres called "The 7 Chakras"

Our bodies are made up of energy, when this energy gets stuck it creates blocks in our lives and disconnects us from living a fulfilling life. We help you discover these energy blocks, clear the emotion behind them and then help you become more aligned to your true authentic self and purpose.


We offer a 7 week one-to-one Self Transformation Healers Program designed to go through each of these 7 Laws and 7 Chakras week by week identifying and clearing energy blocks. This program is for those looking to self heal and are ready to transform their lives.

The 7 Laws & 7 Chakras

 Acknowledgement & Root Chakra Week

Accountability & Sacral Chakra Week

Awareness & Solar Plexus Chakra Week

Acceptance & Heart Chakra Week

Authenticity & Throat Chakra Week

Alignment & Third Eye Chakra Week

Ascension & Crown Chakra Week

Are you ready to become the master creator of your life

The best investment you can make is the investment on yourself!


Georgia, Surrey

“I've had Reiki with Lauren & David over the last 2 years. They have both made me feel so clam, open, honest, vulnerable and safe all in one. They are amazing what they do and I couldn't recommend there services enough! ."

Lisa Staker, London

"I can't thank Lauren and David enough for two wonderful days doing Level 1 & 2 courses. I don't think I've ever felt so relaxed! The days were well organised and they had time for everyone. I also learnt so much and would recommend them to anyone wanting to learn more about Reiki."

Katherine Smith, Kent

“Really enjoyed undertaking my Reiki level 1 & 2 course with Home Of Self Transformation. Lauren was informative and offered support even after the course. Would most definitely recommend! x”


Lauren - 07712523616

David - 07931782241

Email & Location


Westerham Road

Keston, Kent 



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