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How to use your platform to serve others and earn passive income simultaneously


We are Lauren and David, the founders of HOST. We are on a mission to bring healing and community to a larger audience and expand our platform’s capabilities in serving and helping others. We have developed one of the most powerful programs on the market, the Healers Embodiment Program. It comprises our proven seven-step process, the Seven Laws Of Self-Transformation, which includes Breathwork, Reiki, Somatics, Shadow work and Emotional Health Coaching.


We decided to develop the coach’s platform after seeing countless life-changing transformations. We now have over 20 coaches developed, accredited, and retained on the platform who can hold space and guide others through their healing.


We have reached out to you today to offer you an opportunity to be an affiliate to HOST and not only to bring this life-changing work to others but also to build a passive income. All you need to do is promote our program on your socials and support our page. We use a funnel system that promotes a free masterclass for your audience to attend over Zoom, where we offer our expertise, demonstrate live emotional health coaching and give them a taste of our powerful Reiki Breathwork. These masterclasses create profound shifts in those attending, and we finish the class by offering free breakthrough calls to enrol them on our program.


We provide all relevant content to support the masterclasses, including post frequency and a timetable. How often you offer the masterclass is up to you, but we aim to advertise on your platform once every two months as our programs enrol every eight weeks.


What we will offer in return for your services is the following,


Free admission onto the Healers Embodiment Program in exchange for 14 weeks of advertisement (Currently worth £2,000)


Commission on every person enrolling in the Healers Embodiment Program starts at £150 per enrollment.

Commission on every person enrolling in the Coaches Program starts at £200 per enrollment.


We always advise our affiliates to attend the masterclasses to learn about our work and brand, which enables us to build relationships and support each other further. If you would like to become an affiliate of HOST and help support others in their healing while building a passive income, please book a call below, and we can discuss working together.

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