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How to break your financial struggle

I will share with you in this post today the secret to creating financial wealth and breaking the struggle with not having enough money. But before we get into the nuts and bolts of it all, I want you to ask yourself this question? Do you actually struggle with lack, or are you focused on lack? Because it's only our focus on lack that creates lack. You always get what you focus on, so if you focus on never having enough, you can guarantee that you will never have enough.

On deeper inspection, you may discover that you haven't really ever lacked. Did you wake up in a warm bed? Clothes? Food? Did you wake up breathing and in good health? I'm sure you had at least four of those things I've just mentioned, which in comparison to what others might have in third-world countries as an example, is plenty; you might even go as far as to say you are enriched with comfort and connivance. So why the struggle? Why the focus on lack?

We will explore in this blog today why we feel a lack in our lives, and I'm going to go straight off the bat and tell you it's linked to Trauma. You won't struggle with money if you don't struggle with how you feel; on some level, money reflects your emotional state. There lies your ability to heal your money worries by healing your wounds around money. Lack in ALL instances fundamentally is a lack of love. Just like money is a currency, so is love; the more love you feel, the more money can flow to you. Why is this? The flow of love reflects how much love you feel for yourself; the more self-love you feel, the more worth you can recognise. There is only one TRUE value in this world: love; everything else is a means to get to that state. You will notice that you only want this or that because you believe it will make you feel better and will take away your struggle.

That's not true, and deep down, you know it. So let's tackle where this money block comes from. First, let's talk about growing up in a home where financial struggle was the norm. You most likely grew up with parents who always had money issues; maybe you heard them arguing about money, or they often told you "no" to the things you wanted. Growing up around lack teaches us that you must work hard and achieve to have anything. That is not true, but let's continue with the damage it does to us as children. When we are punished or told "no" repeatedly, there is a level of rejection; when our needs are not met, it causes us to feel unwanted, which develops low self-esteem and worth.

If we are met with mum or dad's limitations, the constant telling of "no" creates a fear of asking for things, creating beliefs that we are unworthy of receiving, and we then condition ourselves to no longer ask. The Trauma behind your money struggles is the repressed grief of not feeling wanted or cared for enough. The belief that we must work hard and do everything ourselves comes from that wound. These beliefs ingrain within our subconscious mind the neural pathways that stop us from asking for help; subconsciously, we believe we are unworthy (not of money but of love). This perpetuates the need to become successful, prosperous and secure. The whole world's drive to achieve is to overcome. Some people make it, and others struggle; those that struggle never have enough, and those that "make it" are never fulfilled.

Chances are, if you're reading this, it's because you struggle with money, so how can we begin to change it? Well, I used to be a thief, and it became so bad that I would steal everything, from food to clothes, to money, and although I can look back now and forgive myself, the world would have looked at me and deemed me wrong. Having moved through my healing, I can now see that all the unhealthy dynamics and dysfunctions that caused me to steal came from deeply repressed grief. I felt like a child that was uncared for, unwanted and unworthy of love. I feared asking people for things because I believed I wasn't worthy of anything. The pain of those experiences caused me to disconnect from others, and I turned to take when others weren't looking.

It can start in our childhoods as the simple stealing of a biscuit or taking because you fear asking, but it leads us down a path of secrecy where we occupy realities where we have to look after ourselves. In adult life, we struggle with receiving because a large part of our nervous system shuts down when it comes to asking others for help and the value of our own worth. Money and self-worth are linked; the lower the self-worth, the less you ask for and settle for.

Now that you understand where your money struggles come from, I will tell you how to heal it. The first step is understanding that it's linked to Trauma; the second is to learn to work with your nervous system so that slowly over time, you can let go of focusing on the lack. A simple practice is acknowledging that you have always gotten by and always find what you need. This helps us shift into a state of ease around money; when you get panicked or even worried, take time to calm your nervous system.

Acknowledge that you have a fear around money and acknowledge the struggle you feel. Allow yourself to feel the pain of struggling, and once the energy has moved, keep confirming you always get by. This takes the resistance out of struggle and opens the door to feeling more deeply. Acknowledge the good you have, as this helps us build gratitude and be more open to healing. The more we understand our lack, the more we can do to change it; by getting to know the dynamics behind it and the subconscious drive over time, we can rewire our beliefs to better serve us in the future.

The more comfortable you get with feeling uncomfortable, the more you will heal; your money struggle is a great way to understand yourself and heal at the core. As you remove the resistance, you can open to the wounds beneath it and, in doing so, heal. As we heal, we allow more love in and lack wounds begin to disappear. Remember, healing is a journey, but you shift your self-worth as you shift into more love and self-acceptance. Unlocking abundance results from unlocking your self-worth, which comes from unblocking your connection to love, which is only blocked by Trauma.

Remember, your job is not to fight your reality but to accept it and work with how you feel to resolve it. We don't need to work hard. We need to work smart, starting with addressing how we feel. Everything else will fall into place.

Much Love

David xx

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