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The Rising Of The Feminine

When we hear the word feminine, we automatically think of women. Still, I will discuss today the tremendous feminine energy within man that ultimately leads to a man's and women's freedom.

When I use the word women, I point to the collective of the females in existence. Still, women can also be described as the overall quality of the state of consciousness that women currently exhibit. The independent "woman's" movement we see today comes out of the lack of feminine energy within the men of this world, and because of that lack, women have to take on men's roles.

When I talk about man again, I'm pointing to the collective of males in existence and the overall quality of man's collective consciousness right now. You will notice that I've used two words above to describe two states of men and women. I use the word man to describe the current state of consciousness on the planet and woman to describe her current state.

I have also used the words male and female, and as you read those words, you can see that they are far softer, but again, I'm using them to point to a different state of consciousness. This is a teaching I studied under, by far the most influential teacher I have had, Barry Long. I will continue to use this message because it best describes the two different states of consciousness that can emerge from any individual.

So, man and woman are the current state of collective consciousness. To sum up the overall quality of those states, we can use the words disconnected, independent, competitive, closed-hearted, wounded, lost, confused, argumentative, greedy, reactive, self-destructive, self-centred and the list goes on. You can see that I've listed a lot of negatives, and although there is good because there is god, the overall quality of man and woman right now is terrible. Only in our ignorance and justifications do we try to cover over the horror that is humanity and the lack of true Love that exists right now.

So, how do we begin to change it? Well, change in the most potent form happens in the individual, so the gift is not to wait for change out there but to change within ourselves. As a simple understanding, we are all made up of Love, but why can we not truly recognise it if that's the case? The answer is emotion. Emotion, when left unhealed, forms in us, the man and woman; it comes from the hurt we have inflicted on each other for thousands of years. We all carry it, and we all feel it. Our egos develop through this emotion, and our egos' primary function is to keep us safe. Unfortunately, subconsciously, we have formed from experience that others aren't "safe." Because of this, our ego keeps us out of the pain from the past hurt we have accumulated through several coping mechanisms.

Coping mechanisms help us deflect from the emotional pain we all carry; blame, deflection, projection and addiction all serve to deflect or find comfort from the pain we have yet to face and heal. Unfortunately, so many of us are under the spell of this conditioning that we take it to be ourselves when, in truth, everyone is made up of the same collective conditioning.

The only way this mess can be sorted is first by taking our awareness inwardly rather than projecting it outwardly. Only the tremendous feminine energy of Love can heal and transform our lives. The feminine energy is the healing energy within both men and women; it's through this energy that the male and female emerge. Men and women lack this vital energy because when we disconnect from the pain of the past, we disconnect from the feminine energy within us, and that is because all pain comes from Love. We have to love something before we can experience hurt, and all of us, whether you're aware of it or not, have experienced it on some level or another.

When we discount from pain, we discount from Love and become hardened to love and our feelings. Most of us are either battling how we feel, expressing how we feel through blame and deflection, or bypassing the direct healing of our pain by expressing it in the world. I trust you, as the reader, are receiving this message because this post gives you an understanding of how to truly change your life.

The feminine energy has been rising in me for the past 7 years, and as I clear more emotion and become more responsible for my triggers, I've been able to reduce my emotionality more and more. As the feminine energy has merged over the years, I've felt more self-love and acceptance, but I've also been more and more connected to god. Not as some individual being but as the intelligence we could call Love. The more Love and connection I feel, the more the male has emerged in me. The male within me is my ability to love, feel, heal, lead, protect, create safety and provide, as well as other qualities. The male is the divine principle in man, and through his healing, the toughness and hardness of the man begins to dissolve.

This, however, requires a considerable amount of healing and time, but it can be done; I'm living proof of the incredible transformation that can take place in man and woman. Man has the power to truly transform the world, but it can't be done without god, without Love. The deeper the union with god, the more Love can come through; it's that energy of Love that begins to transform the world around him. In the process of healing the man, the female can rise in women; the only reason woman must be independent is the lack of safety that man provides. He is too busy trying to escape his pain through his ego and the world around him.

But as man becomes responsible and he begins to heal, the woman can begin to let her guard down and, through her own healing, can restore herself to who she truly is: Love. Every woman, deep down, beneath her emotions, knows she is Love. She can sense it, and it often comes through in her in the Love of her children and the ability to continually dissolve the lack of Love she receives from man.

Only when men and women are committed to change can the harmony and oneness of them together begin to be remembered. As the feminine energy in man begins to deepen, his connection to women begins to deepen. In that union, they both remember that the greatest Love we can receive outside of god is the Love of one another.

This union I speak of has the power to transform the state of consciousness on the planet but, more importantly, the state of our relationships. The male can be restored to its righteous place through the love of feminine energy, and the female can be restored to her magnificent golden glow. As you read, this might sound far-fetched, but as described, it has a reality; the question is, which one are you aligned to? The ego of the man or woman or the love of the male or female?

Much Love

David xx

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