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Only Fear Dies

Welcome back, you wonderful souls. Today, I’m writing about the art of healing and how working on ourselves will be the most empowering work we will ever do. But before we jump into this blog, I want to share a message with you. 

That message goes a little like this: There is something so powerful within you, something so beautiful that when you touch it with your awareness, it opens up a deep remembrance—a remembering that you are far more than just the physical experience you are having now. A remembrance of something so profound that it will reduce you to tears and relieve you of every attachment and painful belief you hold about yourself and how you see the world.

Now, although this transcendental remembrance can happen at any given moment in our lives, as it did to me at 29 years of age, for most, we never touch the higher realms of unconditional love and truly awaken to the divine that lies within all of us as our awakened soul.

That is until we come into the presence of those who have had this remembrance. Luckily for humanity, those souls remember the sacred within themselves now more than ever, and the awakening process is in full swing as our ability to heal and awaken is not just for a few but for the masses.

It is time to awaken all of you and activate the healing that shifts us from the painful human conditioning into the awareness of pure, unconditional love.

Healing isn’t straight forward. It’s a journey, first of self-discovery and then of profound awakening into co-creatorship with the divine. It's where the mundane life of human existence begins to end, and the magic of life opens up as we step out of fear and control paradigms and into the realms of love and expansion. However, first, a certain level of dying has to happen. That death is of the ego and the sense of self that develops as a result of unresolved trauma.

Now, when I say death, don’t be afraid because only fear dies. You see, we feel unsafe only in the frequency of fear. It’s only in frequency of fear that we feel abandoned and rejected. Fear operates in our lives from the subconscious. We normalise stress, worry, and fear and then operate from this low-vibrational state, which comes from a deep undercurrent of unhappiness, pain and trauma.

Ignorance is bliss, right? We have all heard that before, but we become ignorant of the undercurrent of fear that runs and ruins our lives. What we live in fear of is repeating painful experiences that have already happened to us. We don’t fear heartbreak. We fear repeating heartbreak because it has already happened. It just happened so young that we disconnected from the experience and have spent a lifetime fearing repeating it. 

There’s nothing really to fear because that which you fear you have already experienced. Only when you experienced it, you were a child. If you could handle it as a child, I’m sure you’re equipped to handle it now because fear is only the fear of feeling an experience which has already happened. The emotions that we avoid keep attracting the painful experiences we repeat. So, avoiding our feelings keeps us reliving the same experiences. Did that land for you? Are you hearing what I’m saying? This isn’t just a post; it’s a deep transmission of a truth that will shift you out of fear and into love.

So healing starts when we see that we are already living in fear; from there, we can turn our awareness inward and ask the next most powerful question. What do I fear? Yes, you might fear death, but really, it’s only the perception of death you fear. "I’m going to be nothing ever again". That’s scary, right? But that is not the truth because we all go through death, and we have all been through death; we just forgot what death was because we forgot life. We forget love because we live in fear.

Remove death from the question, and all that remains is heartbreak, lack, aloneness, abandonment, grief, etc., but these are all just emotions, and emotions when felt heal because, in truth, nothing dies, only fear. Love is the remembrance of your soul, unconditional love is the remembrance of God, and both love and God are beyond the physical.

You have nothing to fear other than feeling your emotions. However, on the other side of those emotions is love because it’s through love we accept our pain, and through love, we open our heart space back up to the higher realms of unconditional love, creating the deep remembrance of who we are.

We are the creators of our lives. The only question I ask is, are you creating from fear, pain and suffering, or are you creating from love, which is growth, expansion, and connection to yourself, your life and others?

Healing can be challenging. I know it’s messy, painful and uncomfortable, but the payoff is ever-lasting love and the ability to reshape and remould our world for the better. This is why three years ago, I woke up and said to Lauren, “Get a pen.” After reaching for the whiteboard, I channelled and wrote out the 7 Laws Of Self Transformation, which fully materialised in this world as the Healers Embodiment Program, which now serves as the gateway out of fear and into love and expansion. The question I ask you is, are you done living in fear?

All my love,


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So beautifully written David! 🫶🏻


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