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Emotional bonds

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

How we experience life is how we experience ourselves. That might for a moment sound rather confusing and that's because it is, but if you can get your head around it then you will realise the power contained within it. In this post I'm going to talk about how emotional bonds create our experiences.

Let's start with the most basic understanding of this complex truth. Let's break it down so you can digest it and then begin to see how this works in your life.

Energy bonds most simply put are energetic attachments. What becomes attached to these energy bonds is your sense of self. If you had no thought you would be a blank canvass. What would remain would be just your awareness or your consciousness.

So it begins with your awareness attaching to a belief you have about yourself. When your awareness attaches to a belief you get an energy bond. This energy bond forms a part of your sense of self.

Stay with me! So an energy bond is an attachment to a belief you have about yourself. The question is what kind of beliefs do you have about yourself? These beliefs you have are far more than just a thought or an emotion they are actually energy signatures that send out to the universe a signal. That signal is then reflected back at you as the circumstances of your life. Your life is a direct reflection of your emotional bonds.

I hope you can begin to see the importance of this because if you do you will see the immense power you have to transform your life. We don't transform our lives through what we do we transform it through how we feel.

This basic understanding is the doorway into really understanding yourself. If it was really that easy you would already have an amazing life but let's be honest you don't, or there's areas your unhappy with. Those areas you're unhappy with are those aspects of yourself that you're unhappy with and here's where the true work begins.

The pain you feel in your life circumstances is the mirror to the pain you feel in yourself. We use these life circumstances if we are intelligent enough to look within ourselves. Here we begin to awaken to our suppressed emotion that is the cause of our painful life experiences. When we fight and argue with the circumstances of our lives what we are actually doing is denying the pain within ourselves, this of course stops us from healing and the suppressed emotion continues to drive painful life experiances.

When we stop fighting with our lives we can begin to look at ourselves and use the tools that we have learned to go deeper into our emotions. As we learn how to process our emotions, how to understand our emotions and most importantly how to feel our emotions the bonds to painful emotions begin to break and you begin to heal.

As painful emotional bonds break our lives begin to change and no longer will we experiences painful circumstances. When we deny a painful life experience we deny the painful emotion that created it. When we suppress emotion what we actually do with it is project it onto our reality by blaming others, life experiences or situations. Not only does this put more pain into the world but it stops us being accountable for our own pain, it stops us becoming accountable for our own lives.

This is the work we teach at the home of self transformation and we provide all the tools and support for you to undergo the process of transforming suppressed pain into love and unhappy life situations into a life that allows you too thrive.

The more painful beliefs you have about yourself the more painful your life experiences. Don't live on auto pilot blaming life and the ones around you. Take ownership of your feelings and transform from the inside out. We are here to help.

In the next post we will be talking about how to process emotions to reveal deeper core beliefs we have about ourselves.

Much Love

Lauren and David

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