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The balance between creating and healing

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

In this post today I want to talk about the balance between creating and healing. This is the process of creating a life that you don't need to escape from. This is the understanding of expressing your individuality in a way that allows you to show up in the world in a powerful way.

When I use the word powerful I mean it in a way where your able to impact your reality from the space of creation. You are a powerful creator but for you to fully access the power of creation you need to be able to balance the flow of internal integration and external expression.

Our souls come into this experience to express our highest desire, to create and to transform the density of this reality. For our souls to express our highest desire we must be able to do so without imposing our trauma onto our reality and this is where we need to understand the power of transmutation of pain in this density.

The human collective which is this density we are living in is one of disempowerment, shame and unworthiness. For us to be true creators we have to balance creating with healing. We naturally want to express ourselves but often find ourselves fearful of being seen or fearful of judgment and so we can't express the individuality we truly are. Its like we have an opposing force within us that puts the breaks on from really showing up. For most we just shut down and don't actually look more deeply into what's going on. We become the tomorrow person, the next week person and never actually move beyond the idea or we give up before we have really got started.

To know where we are going is easy because when we connect with our heart space we can know what it is our souls desire. Take a moment to just feel into your heart space and allow it to communicate with you. Then acknowledge that next step. Your heart will never let you down because its the core of your being, your head can be miss leading but your heart will always remain true. Your heart or soul space will always wish to express its highest desire and in this moment that might look like creating or healing.

Healing and creating is effortless when you no longer resist the pain of your emotions, if you honor each phase your soul will naturally heal the wounds of this density and when your soul moves into expression will naturally express easily creating a life that's truly worth living.

Your heart space is always the center of communication for your souls expression and the more you learn to work with your soul expression the easier and more effortless your life becomes.

Now that doesn't mean its not going to be difficult or painful because it will be but knowing the process of healing and creating allows you to understand what your going through.

Take a moment to see what phase of your life that your in, you will clearly see you are either thriving or surviving. Surviving means that you don't really have any direction, it means your just focused on getting by, living for comfort and satisfaction. Its usually driven by jobs that don't give us a deep sense of passion and purpose, relationships that don't give us the depth of love we truly desire and a life really lacking connection and fulfillment.

We don't want you to live from your head space but rather your heart space, when you begin to tune in and ask, your heart will begin to communicate the truth of how your feeling. The heart space is also the feeling space and when it communicates that your not living true its your opportunity to start to listen and to allow it to guide you.

For your soul to express in all its glory it will naturally want to heal so that you can express love in a more unconditional way. When we feel down its our soul calling for healing but if we mentally try to block it out, deny it and try to overcome it we miss our opportunity to learn the lessons, heal the pain and release the breaks that keep us stuck in life.

Remember that feeling is healing and anytime you feel painful emotions or painful life situations if you allow yourself to drop into your heart space you will be able to acknowledge this phase of you life. By acknowledging the painful emotions you begin to heal and as you do you will find your external expression more powerful because more of your souls energy will be available to express and create.

As you go between these phases you will heal more and as a result express more powerfully. Healing creates more wholeness and as we become more whole we express more powerfully. This is the power of flow, healing and creating. As you begin to master this flow you will begin to master your life. Our souls come to express infinite love and healing is a part of that journey. Embrace all of it and allow yourself to experience the power that lays with in.

With Love

David & Lauren

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