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The Power In Giving Up Control

My job, if I have one or life passion, is to express the greater truths of the universe and the workings that create the world around us that we call existence. For the last 7 years since my out-of-body experience, I have awakened deeper and deeper into the realisation of God.

When I use the word, God, I'm referring to the very intelligence of the fabric that makes up and constructs the known universe. The known universe is known by what we can see and measure; it's mostly made up of matter and the building blocks of matter, but as we venture deeper into the matter, there comes a zero point where the human mind is no longer able to measure or comprehend what's beyond it.

That's because the human mind can only measure what it can grasp and understand; although very intelligent in its own way, the human mind limits or potential to realise a much greater intelligence. The intelligence of God.

We become so focused on understanding, measuring and wanting to know because we are, in truth, trying to control reality. Everybody, including yourself, is trying to control reality. We all want the best for our lives; we all want to try and control what will happen in our lives. We are all working towards the idea that something can fulfil us, and we are all trying to avoid the pain of loss and failure.

We are so focused on what we can achieve and what we can control that we lose touch with who we are. In fact, the most "intelligent" people in our society are searching for that answer outside of themselves and for what? Some accolade? Acknowledgement? to find the answers to life?

How can we understand life when we don't even understand our own nature. It's when we begin to cease the need to want to control and understand that life can reveal itself to us.

Human beings are driven by the very need to control, and it's this need to control that drives all our wanting to know and achieve. Now, wanting to achieve and know is fine, but we must ask where this drive comes from?

Is it connected to our true intelligence, or is it connected to our emotional and mental intelligence? You can know this by asking yourself, "Why is what I want so important?" If you arrive at the answer, "It's because I'm not happy now," you can see that it's an emotional drive.

All emotional wanting is responsible for the human momentum that drives us into the world; we all want, seek and try to gain for ourselves. It's a selfish drive because human nature is selfish nature. We consider ourselves and what we want above others.

We are driven by this need to be somewhere other than where we are now. We find it very hard to sit and be with ourselves because human momentum exists within us as thought. One thought after another, thinking, thinking, thinking. None stop movement, and it's driven by what? Human emotion.

Human emotion is what's in your body now; human emotion is the total of all our life experiences (and past lives) recorded in the body as feeling-based imprints. Most of us carry a burdensome, dense sense of self that often revolves around a story of what someone did to us, what we have been through, our what we have achieved. We are all keeping stories alive that help form a sense of who we are, an identity, if you will. But those stories are often associated with painful emotions we have yet to fully feel, release, heal and integrate.

This attachment to feelings and our past propels us into an unchanging future. We recreate the story and experiences by going over everything in our minds, and from there, we experience a future that reflects it. We all live in hope and with the idea that things will improve, but how can they? They can only if we address where our thoughts, actions and wants are coming from.

When we want something, it's because we are trying to overcome something and that something is some emotional wound that we are either attached to or avoiding. When we are attached to our wounding, we are attached to what someone did to us, which keeps the pain of being hurt alive. When we are focused on trying to achieve, it's because we are trying to overcome not feeling enough. No matter what the want or need is, when we externalise it, we try to overcome the emotional pain of not having it or to recreate the experience of feeling good.

This, of course, creates more karma or repetition of the past. True freedom and liberation come from breaking our emotional attachments to the ideas, things and thoughts that tie us to the idea of happiness being in the future. We can discover greater intelligence when we give up our emotional wanting and allow our bodies and minds to slow down.

Slowing down human momentum, thought and healing the emotional body allows us to explore what's beneath it. Underneath all that momentum, we can find God; life opens up when the mind and body slow down. More profound knowledge arises as we become more aware of our inner silence. In this space, we begin to realise the true intelligence of god, which has no wanting in it. How could it possibly want when it is already everything that is. Wanting exists in our human minds. In gods mind, all is provided for; this is the state of true abundance.

This is where a transition happens for those that are awakening to God. As we leave the human condition behind and cleanse it from our bodies, a new way of living comes into our lives. We operate from a different level of intelligence; we serve our "higher self"; our actions in the world are about service to others and working towards the higher good of humanity.

So if you genuinely want to find something that can fulfil, you got to be ready to let go of control. Are you ready to feel your way through the confusion and pain because that's the only way out and the only way into God's mind? The passage through human emotion is what changes our lives for the better. Everything else is just momentum going nowhere; although we may be developing in the world around us, our human intelligence hasn't evolved beyond our emotional wanting.

That's why our world is in such a bad state, a lack of human responsibility, and that comes down to a lack of emotional responsibility because all war comes out of emotion, all greed comes out of emotion, and all selfishness arises out of personal wanting.

Much Love David

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