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The word Healing and why it Matters!!

Now you have mostly likely heard the term "healing" thrown around a lot, especially in the spiritual community and the new age movement, but what does healing mean, and why is it essential to YOUR life?

10 years ago, I couldn't have given a c**p about healing, let alone entertained the idea that I might need healing. Back then, I would have said it was all a load of bull and not for me, but that demonstrated my ignorance and how closed off I was. The problem when we close ourselves off is that we believe we know everything or we are fine and nothing needs to be fixed.

However, upon deeper inspection into our lives, things might actually not be as happy as they seem, and just like me, 10 years ago, things weren't happy; in fact, life was a struggle for me. I struggled with finances, my relationship with my partner and often found myself being very hard on my children. I felt that my relationship lacked depth and would often blame my partner for being cold and closed off and not seeing that I was also closed off.

When you have been thinking, acting and living the same way all your life, you don't know any better; you don't even question your behaviour. You're on autopilot, and the plane's destination is set and unchangeable.

And that's very much what is happening with most people; we become so set in our ways that we don't challenge anything, what we do is brush over everything and set our sights on the future, but the problem is if we are on autopilot how can we change the future for the better? We can't because we are destined to arrive at the same location.

But all the signs are there. We just don't want to look; everything is staring us in the face, nothing has gone away. Unless you can look into your life and say "everything is good" and mean it without any hesitancy or doubt, then you are most defiantly struggling with someone or something in your life.

People, places, situations or things it does not matter where the struggle is in our lives, it all boils down to the same thing. Unhappiness, repressed emotions, anger, sadness and everything in between. It's like the elephant in the room that we keep ignoring; it's the realisation that I'm not fully happy and beneath my busyness and attempt to fill this void within myself, somethings missing. And you are Right!

A lot is missing, mainly self-love. When I talk to people about self-love, most don't fully understand what it looks like, which shows how disconnected we are from how we feel. Self-love might look like going out and getting your nails done or going to the gym and getting in fantastic shape, but these are only a surface form of self-love.

True self-love connects with how you feel about yourself and your life; self-love is about honesty with yourself and others. Self-love is acknowledging where in your life you're not happy. We can't remedy solutions and change the destination if we ignore our feelings.

Healing MATTERS, self-love MATTERS and being honest with ourselves MATTERS. We are not truly happy; it's impossible to say, "My life is great" because you will feel an emotional pull that says, "Not all of it". It comes from that part we ignore, that part we override, we talk ourselves out of honestly acknowledging it, and because we do that, we can't change and resolve the feelings.

We overlook this and don't address it because it's too painful and requires too much action and change. We are scared of what our lives might look like if we have to address and follow through with making the changes.

But I want to share something POWERFUL in this blog. Doing everything I just mentioned above IS what will take you off autopilot. It IS what will change the course of your future because in those areas of life where you are unhappy is your suppressed emotional pain. Now unhappiness or emotional pain is nothing more than FEELINGS but feelings are a powerful force in this world; how we feel dictates the world we experience.

Unhappy situations don't just go away; yes, we might be able to bury them and distract ourselves, but they will keep showing up in our lives as struggle and unhappiness. So all the situations in your life where you are unhappy reflect the feelings you haven't processed within yourself.

GAME changer, right! Because this is where healing CAN and WILL change your life. If we get off autopilot by being honest with ourselves, we can begin to actually look at our lives. We can identify where we are unhappy but, more importantly, go deeper into the feelings that have been buried and ignored. This addresses your life from the inside out, using the situations as mirrors to see into yourself and with powerful effects.

When you begin to look at your life like this, shifts will happen in ways you couldn't think possible; the moment you begin to address your life is when you take back control of the plane and destination. You might have heard this being called the healing journey, but that really means your understanding that you are creating the life you experience by how you feel.

When this clicks, and you begin to see and understand the power healing has, it shifts your whole perspective of life; it gives you control over the direction and happiness of your life. The healing journey is inward to understand yourself and heal the past. The pain you have carried your whole life has never left you because it's repeating in your life as unhappy situations.

When you pivot from I can't stand this to ... what is it showing me about myself? You can radically transform your life forever. So healing is more than just a word; it's another reality where we are responsible for how we feel and our life situations. Healing at the core like this improves our lives because as we clear out the past, we open the door to a new brighter future where self-love, care and acceptance transform the life we experience.

You have always been a powerful creator, and it's time to take back that ownership of your life and shift it for the better.

Much Love David

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